In Jersey City, money doesn't talk -- it SCREAMS!

The public be damned!

Guardian Angles

Do we have anything to do with Curtis Sliwa and his crew? Are you out of your gourd? That bozo gives it away. This here is Jersey City. Nobody gets nothin for nothin! Not once even does anything get given away. Everybody's gotta pay and pay!

In Jersey City, unless you live in one of the gated communities or under the protection of some deep pockets developer who can afford the endless procession of tickets and donations that provide "access," you're own your own when it comes to crime -- until now that is!

For a small -- affordable -- sum, the Guardian Angles will patrol your block and give peace of mind.

Worried at work that your Amazon -- or Chewy even -- deliveries are about to sprout legs and run away? Just a bark from an attack dog will change the mind of the most determined package thief. Rampant gun play got you down? For recruits from the world's hot spots, this is all in a day's work!

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